Bahia Tortugas

Bahia Tortugas

Bahia Tortugas’ waters were clear blue.  We were beginning to feel like we were getting closer to what we have seen in those glossy photos of the guide books. Looking at those pictures when we were at home, these destinations seemed so far away. In fact they were but now the paradise was now in our grasp.  We were making it!  From our Sandy Point home to Bahia Tortugas, we are amazed at the distance we have covered and the locations we visited, the starry nights with large glowing moon that we sailed under, and of course some of those rough moments.

The next day the local fishermen greeted us with lobsters in their boat.They quoted the price in dollars and wanted some double A batteries. We got a deal with these guys. I have never cooked lobster before but figured maybe I can cook it like shrimp (big shrimp). Turned out tasty.

Here in Bahia Tortugas, there were several of us who departed San Diego around the similar times. Of these were Carramba and Zimmovia, the kid boats, and Buena Ventura I from Victoria, BC.

Finally arrived in Turtle Bay

Arrival in Bahia Tortuga and set foot on the beach.

Jeff and Louie working out a Diesel Jerry Can Relay

Jeff and Louie (from s/v Carramba) ran a complex diesel jerry can runs to the nearby Pemex station by hiring this truck. 

Kids hanging out in Maria's restaurant

Logan and Hunter from Sv Carramba passed the time at Maria’s (local restaurant) while the captains of the two boats were doing the fuel run.

Jeff Commissioned the water maker

This is Jeff’s systems room where we have most of our critical systems such as water heater, the head tank, fuel filter, Webasto hydronic heating system, access to the rudder steering, solar power chargers, and last but not the least our beloved water maker.  This is a picture of Jeff  after a successful commissioning of our water maker.  This is HUGE!  This means we can be out in the middle of the ocean with unlimited drinking water, as long as your water maker is operating. And, I don’t have to be without a shower if there are no marinas nearby.  This feature on our boat makes it feel less like camping. 

Sun Rise

Before Sunset

Sunset and clouds

As the sun sets.

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