Visit with friends from Bellingham, WA

Visit with friends from Bellingham, WA


It was so good to see old friends.  Our family friends from Bellingham visited us in La Paz, Mexico.  They were really patient with us and finally met up with us after having to change plane tickets once already.  The story behind that was that we were for sure we’d be in La Paz area by late December 2015.  Well, those who have been following us know that we didn’t cross the border until the second week of January.  Considering the distance we have covered, dodging the winter storms on the Pacific Coast, and outfitting our boat with a little more reality check in San Diego, our arrival in La Paz, Mexico in February 2016 didn’t seem too bad.


After all this anticipation we met our friends at our marina, Marina Palmira.  We have known these guys for a long time, around 9 years, when Anna was at Blossom Daycare. They also have two girls same aged as our girls. We first got to know each other at Anna’s 2nd birthday party and have been kindling our family friendships over birthdays, playdates, dinners, skiing, and family camping trips.  And now, an international trip meet up can be added to our family encounters.


Water Taxi

The girls enjoying the water taxi ride to Paraiso Del Mar Condo to meet our friends.

Enjoying paletas

The girls enjoying paletas (fruit filled popsicle of numerous variety) with friend, Mara in Michiocana.  This is a chain that exists all over Mexico and their specialty is cold sweets.


While they were staying in a condominium on El Magote peninsula, we commuted almost daily to their condo via a water taxi shuttle service.  After a few days of settling in and provisioning, we took off to Isla Espiritu Santo.  Abundant in beautiful aqua colored waters, white sand beaches, tropical fish, sea birds and corals galore Isla Espiritu Santo is a magical place.


blossom girls and Sophia

The girls enroute to the islands.

                                            Interesting yacht design

Spotted this very interesting mega yacht. It may be bigger than the mega yachts we saw in San Diego. The rumor has it that it’s Steve Job’s boat- now his wife’s boat.





                                                 Anchored at Gallita cove.


jumping off boatJumping off the side of boat

Dave and Anna taking the plunge off the boat. Kim and Dave told us about their time with Outward Bound, an outdoor education program,  when they were guides/leaders for the groups they took out on these wilderness team building outings.  They used to have to wake up at 5AM in the morning to take a plunge in the icy cold waters of Maine. In lieu of coffee, that was a very effective way to wake up. Inspired by this story, Anna took a plunge with Dave.  For the record, Kim was the bravest by taking the first jump.


Turtle shell found

Underside of shell

The kids, Dave and Kim went off on their own to the beach and returned with a large green sea turtle shell.  It seemed to be the remain of a freshly dead turtle. The inside of the shell wasn’t dried out and sun bleached.  The shell was returned back to the beach where it was found.



Our dinner feast

Good eats for the gang: Lime drenched cucumber salad, yellow chicken marinated in Mediterranean flavors, and baked potatoes.


Pictures from Trekking on the Island.


Trekking up the hill



Dinghy crew

Happily trailing along in their own dinghy.


kids looking at the colony

male frigate birds

The girls are checking out the frigate bird colony in an old abandoned pearl fishery on the island.  Pearls from Sea of Cortez has been over fished since the 30’s. I have read that there are attempts to revive the pearl industry by artificial seeding of pearl clams.



Family Photos


kids playing on dinghies


Kim and Dave

Looking good in paradise.

Looking at the bay of Gallito

 The waters of Cortez Sea are amazing with unbelievable clarity.


Great time with soft sand.


Eating palets

Some more paletas together.  We have found that the creamy ones drip faster than the ones without.

The Girls

Last night at their condo. We miss you guys!

Sun Rise in Espiritu

A break of dawn to start new adventures, new friendships, and new places.




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